Kitchen cleaning tips

01/25/2013 20:46

After your initial pass through the kitchen, give your appliances some extra attention. First identify the grain of the stainless steel and always work in the same direction as the grain. Then using a clean, cotton cloth and some glass cleaner (or specialty stainless steel cleaner), buff potential streaky finishes until they shine. Keep your eyes peeled at all times for water spots and potential streak problems.

Professional House Cleaning Tips for Kitchen

Before you begin deep cleaning your kitchen, take the proper steps to prepare. Dust all the areas of the kitchen to prepare the surfaces for your work. Then fill up the sink with a cleaning solution mixture so that you can easily soak your cloth often throughout the process.

Start with microwave and stove since they are the greasiest so you don't ruin already cleaned areas.Then clean one side of your kitchen, wiping every surface in small sections top to bottom all the way around the room.  Save the sink for last since it holds the cleaning solution and end it with a sparkling shine.

Finish cleaning your kitchen by sweeping or vacuuming the floor, then mop it.

Now it's time to congratulate yourself on a job well done! Enjoy your new kitchen with a home cooked meal.

If you want your kitchen to get that deep clean, fresh feeling on a regular basis. We can help you keep your home clean and free up time in your schedule.


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