Like our customers, each home cleaning is unique. That is why Zest cleaning is customized service to clients needs.

Free in-home consultations help us to understand your expectations of our household cleaning service. This helps to find answers to these basic questions such as house cleaning instructions, frequency of home cleanings and whether eco cleaning services are right for you. We listen to special instructions about not dusting that special antique, or concerns about finding balance between using green cleaning products and disinfectants that kill harmful bacteria.

Home cleaning tips

Livingroom cleaning tips

01/25/2013 22:03
How Do I De-Clutter My Home? Sometimes your house isn't dirty so much as it's cluttered. Objects that you don't need, don't use or simply don't know what to do with can quickly accumulate and overtake your home. Even when they are cleaned, you may not get that sense of satisfaction you desire. 1....

Bathroom cleaning tips

01/25/2013 21:05
How Do You Unclog Shower Heads? It's a common bathroom cleaning issue - a low-flow shower head that isn't designed to be low-flow. Fortunately, unclogging a shower head is easy with our professional cleaning tips. Simply remove the shower head, and place it into a mixture of vinegar and hot water....

Kitchen cleaning tips

01/25/2013 20:46
After your initial pass through the kitchen, give your appliances some extra attention. First identify the grain of the stainless steel and always work in the same direction as the grain. Then using a clean, cotton cloth and some glass cleaner (or specialty stainless steel cleaner), buff potential...